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Here at ECG we have some of the finest engineers around with various degrees, certifications, and years of hands on experience. 

Our engineers are also well-rounded multi-instrumentalist, allowing for a whole project to be made with minimal personnel and a deep understanding of all angles of the process. 


Whether it's your breakout record, audio for a film, or anything in between, you can count on ECG for high-quality audio production. 

The ECG conglomerate has several top-tier photographers with specialties in private events, weddings, corporate events, and studio photo shoots.


No matter the occasion or purpose, you can count on our photographers to capture the most memorable moments for you to share with the world. 

Often times, the difference between a decent piece of audio and a phenomenal one is the post-production work. 


Don't let your next project go unnoticed. Fulfill its maximum potential with ECG post-production!

A dazzling video can work wonders for a business or artist. That is why we developed our video production division.


Our team of videographers specialize in the full production of music videos, short films, and social media content. We also offer freelance videographers for events. Next time you need professional video work, ECG has you covered.


Take your event to the next level by making it an ECG production.


Our event staff is able to organize every aspect of your event and provide equipment and entertainment such as DJ or a live band.


If you need music to accompany your project or to refine the state of your music, look no further than ECG! Our team of composers and songwriters are some of the best creators in Philadelphia - all with arts degrees and several years of composition and performance under their belt.